We Can Make It So Divine


Well hello there! I'm so sorry for not posting for a while. You know when you're driving home and you hit literally every possible red light? Well this whole school week has felt like that. But I've been given some amazing green lights (I'm sticking with this metaphor) and those green lights are the reason to stay positive. 
Aaaaannnnyyyywwwwaaayyyssss, I actually dressed like a girl yesterday! I don't wear this skirt nearly as much as I should so yesterday I paired it with my DIY white tank, heavy metal accessories, and Steve Madden sandals. This skirt is so irresistibly twirly, I rode my bike to this spot just so I could feel it flowing like in the 60's coming-of-age films. I'm convinced my vision became an Instagram filter for those few minutes. Did it improve my mood? Maybe. 
Talk to you soon my loves. 

skirt- Crossroads
tank- DIY
sandals- Steve Madden
bag- Urban Outfitters

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