Say It Ain't So


ANOTHER T-SHIRT DRESS! I'm becoming a borderline hoarder with t-dresses lately, what is this? They're just so deliciously comfy I can't resist. And at least this is a new color for me, sort of. Well I've always rebelled against the "no navy and black" rule, I think it's ridiculous. Who even made these "rules?" Clearly someone who didn't know fashion. Honestly fashion is about breaking the rules, not conforming to them. I proudly wore my navy dress with black sandals and black sunglasses, with some dainty jewelry to balance out the dress' big size. 
Tomorrow is my One Direction concert!!!!!! I'm so excited it's ridiculous, I will share my pictures (and outfit) as soon as I can! 

dress- H&M
sandals- H&M (old)
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

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