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 the color difference between my arms and legs... #convertibleproblems
Happy Friday! I usually don't post on Fridays because they're my t-shirt and jeans days, but this tank is too cute to hit the hamper un-posted. This adorable piece came from QTee, a truly awesome website with tons of cute designs that you can customize! I'm pretty boring so I just got black and white with a pop of pink, but you can seriously get any color or shape that you could possibly imagine. I chose this design because I love mermaids, and I opted for a racerback because I'm strangely addicted to racerbacks. I wore them with jeans to school, but I changed into my Levi's due to the crazy heat. California has absolutely no sense of Autumn. Or Winter. Or anything below 80 degrees. Anyways, I'll talk to you soon! Have a marvelous weekend xoxo

tank- c/o QTee (x)
shorts- vintage
creepers- Steve Madden (x)

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