I happen to love these pictures. Well it's close to bedtime and I should be studying but I think I owe you guys some stability... I wore this today! Today! And I'm posting it today! I'll try to make this a habit!
You've seen this shirt a month or two ago, and you've probably seen this skirt within the past three weeks. The shirt was scored at the Haight St. Crossroads, I need to stop buying graphic tees but I just can't help myself when I see something completely unique. My leather skirt makes an appearance constantly, I love it with t-shirts because it's so edgy yet so simple. Anchored this punky girly creation with my Steve Madden creepers and I was good to go. 
I pinky promise to post within the next day or two, see you soon and stay fabulous my darlings.

shirt- Crossroads
skirt- Urban Outfitters
creepers- Steve Madden (x)

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