Well hey there, happy Wednesday! Today has been so fun, I love days that are full of little adventures and today has certainly been one of those. 
Shoutout to Lauren for loaning me this kimono of all kimonos. It's huge, flowy, and dark; I found myself running down hallways or waving my arms just to feel the fabric billow behind me. I stopped to take these pictures just as a breeze started, basically a sign that this kimono was the right choice. 
I paired this baby with my leather skirt, white crop top, Birkenstocks, and dainty little necklaces. Playing with proportions is so much fun when you're wearing an Urban Outfitters parachute. I'm also obsessed with these half-up hair styles, my second-day hair options are limited with this length but it's forcing me to get creative. 
Talk to you tomorrow my radical little readers xoxo

kimono- Urban Outfitters
top- H&M
skirt- H&M

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