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My posting has been terrible lately! I'm so sorry! Between school (have I mentioned that I have seven periods?), clubs, homework, and extracurricular stuff, I barely have time to exercise. But I'm going to try to post more often! I take pictures almost every day, I just don't have time to edit and post them in the same day. I'm pretty sure I wore this the first week of school, that's how terrible I am.
Anyways, another T-shirt dress? Yeah. Another t-shirt dress. They are comfy and easy and go with everything, so they're turning into my go-to outfit for warm weather. I wore my plain H&M one with my thrifted denim shirt and docs, the hardest part about this look was creating a top knot.

dress- H&M
shirt- thrifted
shoes- Dr. Martens
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters (x)

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