Bad Girls Do It Well


Hello again! I hope everybody had a fabulous weekend. Tomorrow I get all of my wisdom teeth removed (ugh) so I'm not sure if I'll be in the mood to post for a while. 
Well I went shopping with my cuzzy wuzzy on Saturday, bought this humongous men's t-shirt at Aeropostale for $4, got home, cut it into a dress, then wore it shopping in Pasadena the next day. I just fall in love with anything that has New York anywhere on it, so it seemed worth the risk. To show you guys, I paired it with my camo jacket, although the weather wasn't really on my side. Worn with my beatle boots, favorite bracelets, and the hair cut that I'm still in love with. I also encountered the coolest bathroom EVER while shopping, so I took some pictures in there (is that weird?).
Talk to you soon xoxo

dress- Aeropostale
shoes- Steve Madden (x)
bag- Urban Outfitters

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