White Teeth Teens


Hello all! I feel like I haven't posted in a while, it's only been two days right? The past two days have had weird, drizzly weather and absolutely beautiful sunsets. I felt like an Austin Powers girl in this outfit, and YES, I KNOW, I'm repeating shoes again. Fight me. 
This dress is like $7 at H&M and it's so comfy I want to go back and buy more. I wore it with some new shark teeth earrings, my radical boots, and huge hat. Basically head-to-toe H&M. I'm taking my drivers test this week, probably Wednesday, so send some good driving-vibes my way and I'll be super grateful. Have a fabulous week, talk to you soon!

dress- H&M 
hat- H&M (x)
boots- Vintage
earrings- H&M
bag- Urban Outfitters

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