Getting wisdom teeth taken out is not something I would recommend. It has been THREE DAYS and my face is still puffy. Seriously, it looks like my whole face shape has changed???? And these photos were taken literally ten feet from my house, I wasn't in the mood to travel anywhere and shoot. 
Well, this outfit is what I wore to school the day after the whole wisdom-teeth extravaganza. I figured I might as well wear a badass outfit if I wasn't feeling my best. And really, it's hard to feel your best when your diet consists of yogurt, Jell-O, ramen, and ice cream. Anyways I wore my crazy pants with a thrifted Gap Men's shirt and my beatle boots. Any shoes that make the clack-y noise when you walk are basically guaranteed to bring you confidence. When I took the first photos I tried it with my hat, but I wasn't really feeling it. 
I have more (hopefully more positive) posts coming your way soon. Enjoy your long weekend: relax, watch some awful TV, drink some green tea, go for a run, and have an adventure!

shirt- thrifted
jeans- H&M
boots- Steve Madden (x)
hat- Urban Outfitters (x)

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