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Well, I started 11th grade today. This summer feels like it lasted two weeks, or is it just me? Well everybody freaks out about their First Day Of School Outfit, I usually like to wear something comfy that shows my style but doesn't look like I'm trying too hard. So boom-a dress. A big, comfy, rosy dress that I bought at H&M a few weeks ago. I originally bought it in my usual size, but I went back three times to exchange it for bigger sizes until I was finally content with the level of slouchiness. And of course, my Docs. These babies are going with me to my deathbed. I wore some bright pink socks to add a pop of color, I really love pink and navy together and these socks seemed perfect. As for accessories, I stuck with my usual bracelet, gold studs, and skull necklace. 
This outfit was a perfect beginning to Junior Year. I keep hearing that 11th grade is the hardest, and I'm taking on a lot of extracurricular stuff this year along with a zero period, but I am totally ready to absolutely slay 11th grade. So many girls say "this is the year I'm gonna get a hot boyfriend" "this is the year I'm going to parties" blah blah blah. This is MY year to study hard, do well, and kick some serious butt. But a boyfriend would be cool too. 

dress- H&M 
shoes- Dr. Martens
socks- Popkiller

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