(And I Wear Glasses)


Whaaat does this shirt say? Yep, it says what you think. And I'm in love. I went to the Mike Kelley exhibit at the Little Tokyo MOCA with my aunt and the second that I saw this on canvas, I knew I had to find it on a t-shirt. And sure enough, guess what was waiting for me in the gift shop?!? 
I paired it with my American Eagle shorts that have taken me through about three summers now. Topped off with my Olivia+Joy bag and surprise surprise, beatle boots. 
I'm kind of drawn to controversial stuff (remember my "You Slut" sweater?) but I really don't buy things just because they attract double-takes, I buy things simply based on whether or not they make me happy. And I swear, every single time I even think about this shirt I start laughing uncontrollably. The trick is to WEAR the clothes and OWN them, act like there's absolutely nothing strange about wearing a shirt that says "Pants Shitter". 

shirt- MOCA 
shorts- American Eagle
bag- Olivia+Joy 
boots- Steve Madden (x)

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