Ain't No Rest For the Wicked


Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I've been extremely busy lately, but the things that are keeping me busy are absolutely wonderful and I have nothing to complain about. Except school, I'm not very excited about that. I went through registration this week, and seeing my schedule with seven periods on it is kind of a downer. But when all else fails, put on some red lipstick.  
Aaaaaannnyyywwwaaayyysss, here are my new babies. I went to the mall on Saturday and Steve Madden happened to be having a ridiculous sale, so I picked up two pairs of shoes. These awesome sandals are absolutely perfect, they match everything. I put this outfit together so that I could show them to you guys, my high waisted jeans and black crop top with Frida Kahlo necklace made sense. I honestly can't remember the last time I wore pants. 
Well now I'm sitting on the couch with Marilyn, watching Bates Motel and craving Thai tea. Life is sweet. 
In case I don't post for a few days, have a great week! Remember to stay positive through anything that might happen to you, and be kind to everyone you come across. Talk to you soon...

jeans- Urban Outfitters (x)
top- Forever 21 (x)
shoes- Steve Madden
necklace- Two Elephants (x)

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