You're Never Gonna Leave Me


Another attempt at a cool-weather shoot, another failure. I cruised over to the LA river at sunset hoping for anything close to a breeze, but was dissapointed and sweaty by the time I arrived. Weird lighting, crazy heat; certainly going to avoid shooting at this time in the future. But I love the outfit! I'm convinced that in my past life I was the cool grandpa that told crazy stories and let you have sips of his beer. I tried to translate that with this 100% vintage outfit featuring my new high waisted shorts that I found at Chinatown Summer Nights, an old men's golf shirt that I bought without hesitation for $5 at Goodwill, and my mom's amazing old boots that are now mine. What's up with my boot obsession lately? I don't know but I'm digging it. 

shirt- thrifted
shorts- Levi's
boots- Vintage
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters (x)

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