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Hi lovebugs! I'm taking a one-day break from my clothing posts and giving you a little segment: What's In My Bag! These are a few essentials I always have on me and I suggest you start carrying them too, you never know. Everything in bold has a link (: 
 Sunglasses, essential. For those of you who drive, sunglasses are needed for the random reflection or glare that always seems to happen when I'm driving (ugh). Sunglasses also give you an aura of mystery and don't-mess-with-me-ness when worn at night or indoors, when you didn't feel like putting on makeup, or when you've fallen asleep in last night's makeup and can't take it off. And don't forget a sunglasses case to keep them from scratching, a sock will work in a pinch. 
 Blotting papers is one of the two beauty items that I will absolutely never go without (the other of the two is mascara). They are unbelievable. Seriously. When your face feels shiny or oily, just blot these on your face (BLOT, do not wipe) and bAM! Matte face here you come! I always always always have these in my bag, especially in the Summer when my face feels like a glazed donuts within seconds of leaving the house. A desperate alternative for blotting papers, don't knock it before you try it, is toilet seat covers. If you run out in the middle of the day and feel oily, just rip up a toilet seat cover and blot away (this is best performed in the privacy of your own stall). They're basically made of the same material, and I've done this loads of times at school when I run out. 
 A few more basic beauty essentials. Lip balm is a must. When chapped lips attack, lip balm comes to the rescue. I don't even need to explain why lip balm is important. 
Eyeliner is good to keep in your bag if there is a possibility of being out all day. If a spontaneous night plan pops up before you have a chance to go home, eyeliner takes your day look to night. A cat eye, rocker-y smudge, etc can transition your look (and attitude) into the night. 
Lipstick serves the same purpose. My favorite lipstick colors are neutral pinks and muave, but I love the deep wine colors for going out at night. Pop a go-to color in your bag just in case. 
 A small notepad and pen are good to keep handy, just in case. Although we live in a world where technology can serve almost any need we could possibly have, nothing beats a good old fashion notepad. If you suddenly have a miraculous idea that couldn't possibly be captured by your iPhone, write it down. If you muster the courage to just go for it and give your number to the cutie across the room, write it down. Seriously, you never know. 
 Rollerball perfume is perfectly portable, and essential to keep at all times. If you're out all day, partying all night, or just need a burst of confidence, perfume keeps you smelling amazing no matter what. Just dab a bit onto your wrists and back of your neck, and go. My favorites are Dot and Honey by Marc Jacobs and Coach Poppy.
 Tiny hand sanitizer or lotion is great to have around for sudden stickyness or when a napkin just won't cover it. Some meals (I'm looking at you, bbq ribs) just can't be cleaned up with some paper napkins.  
 Four quarters. I picked this trick up from my dad, who has kept four quarters in his pocket for as long as I can remember. Great for a low meter (yours, or someone else's if you're feeling kind) or a sudden gumball craving. 
 A compact is important to keep with you for so many reasons. Reapplying lipstick, check. Finding that thing that you just know is in your eye somewhere, check. Making sure your pimple hasn't suddenly multiplied and taken over the city, check. 
 Sunblock is a MUST. This little roll-up stick is perfect for your face, and it's a portable size. People don't take skin cancer as seriously as they should, and a face sunburn is never a good look. Especially essential in Summer. Especially in California. Especially in Los Angeles. 
Random hair accessories are essential for being out all day. Just one hairband can save you from a 90 degree day. We've all been through the "I'm just going to shave all my hair off" meltdown, try not to let messy hair kill your mood for the entire day. You've got bigger things to worry about, like ruling the world. 
Last but not least, the basics. Earphones are always useful. Lifesavers for 1) that noisy kid on the bus 2) walking home with music playing will always make you feel like the supermodel in a music video 3) a pick-me-up when you just need to hear your favorite song. Just don't forget to unplug once and a while and enjoy the world around you. 
Wallet. Do I even need to explain why you should have your wallet? I hope not. And yes, I know my wallet is pathetic looking, I need a new one.  

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