Little Black Suit


My latest obsessions: chocolate coconut milk ice cream from Trader Joes, James Brown music, and monochromatic summer suits. This post is comin atcha pretty late due to the crazy heat, and the crazy amount of time that the heat lasts. I rode my bike for about four blocks to get to this spot and by the time I arrived I was drenched in sweat. A small victory today: I made a topknot with my shoulder-length hair with the help of about five bobby pins. Pretty soon I'll get the hang of this length and how to play around with it. 
This outfit popped into my head while thinking of what to wear on this zillion degree day. Unfortunately I was just going to Target and this level of fancy-ness wasn't necessary, but this outfit is definitely in mind for my next night out. I'm in love with the fact that the shorts and tank are the exact same material, and all black outfits are just the greatest. Especially all black outfits that feature gold sequin crosses and beatle boots. And yeah, this is the third post in a row with my beatle boots. Ask. Me. If. I. Care. See you soon, remember to drink some iced drinks and reapply your sunblock!

shorts- Wildfox Couture
tank- Forever 21
boots- Steve Madden (x)

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