Joie De Vivre


Very casual, slightly parisian-inspired look that I wore to work while in San Francisco. Some of these photos are funky because I was experimenting with the white balance in my camera, which didn't turn out as well as I hoped. The bay area weather was determined to go against my hopes every single day, so this was shot on a 75 degree day which was supposed to be a 60 degree day (thanks a lot, Weather Channel App). 
     I wore my beloved boyfriend jeans, rolled up as usual. I armed myself for the "cold" with my comfy grey sweater. However the rising temperature resulted in a half-bun and rolled up sleeves, and of course my sunglasses. 
     I'm so excited to shoot with some of the new things that I bought while up there, there's a few HUGEly important pieces that I find myself staring at every time my closet is opened. More to come. 

jeans- Aeropostale
sweater- Old Navy
shoes- TOMS (x)
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

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