Beach Bum

6:20 PM

I'M BACK! This month has been so amazing, what an awesome kick-off to summer. San Francisco is truly the coolest city. But one plane ride, one iced coffee, and one dentist appointment later I am back in my beloved LA. And you better believe I took photos while I was away. Maybe tomorrow I will post a photo-diary.
Anyways, on to the outfit. My dad's house is one mile from the beach. One. Mile. Of course I took every chance to sneak away and absorb some sun and salt water. The first time I explored the beach it was near sunset, so I wore something warm but still allowed leg-room for splashing. This led me to my old Roxy shorts that I haven't worn in FOREVER. I threw on my cut-up white tank, the most versatile piece in my wardrobe. To protect from the crazy bay-area wind I wore my denim shirt, which also happens to be ridiculously comfy. And finally I wore my birkenstocks, which was a TERRIBLE idea. Never wear birkenstocks to the beach, ever. I am still discovering sand.  

denim top- thrifted
white tank- DIY
shorts- Roxy
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

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