Windbreakin' In Some New Sunnies


It's almost Friday, how are you all holding up? Well I am so happy, I have round sunglasses! I have never been able to find a pair that fit me perfectly, but these ones from Urban are awesome! They will probably be showing up often on this blog...
I haven't worn my Ramones shirt in a few months, so I paired it with my black leather skirt and burgundy windbreaker for this transitional weather. This windbreaker is so comfy, I almost got upset when it started warming up because I didn't want to take it off! 
     This shoot was so awesome, I found this nice little corner in an abandoned parking lot and the lighting was so perfect I didn't even have to edit. Round sunglasses just seem to make everything better.

shirt- Hot Topic 
skirt- Urban Outfitters
jacket- Vintage
creepers- Steve Madden
sunglasses (yay!)- Urban Outfitters (x)

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