Hiya darlings! This is what I wore yesterday, no shoot today because I had a doctor's appointment then some errands to run. I got the best belated birthday present from my dad and I CAN'T WAIT to show you all! 
        Well yesterday and today the weather was so strange. Yesterday was cold and grey with random bursts of sunshine. According to the Weather Channel app it was supposed to be 75 today, but they LIED. It was cold. Ok, back on topic! Due to the weird weather I ended up wearing a new variety of my go-to outfit: high waisted jeans, solid tank top, flannel, and Docs. It's always comfy and it works for any weather! 

       Off topic, but I just wanted to remind all of you something very important. I want you beautiful, beautiful viewers to ALWAYS BE YOURSELF. Don't ever change to please others because honestly, if they don't admire you for exactly who you are, they aren't worth keeping in your life. Do whatever makes you happy. Run. Cook. Make YouTube videos. Write poetry. Start a fashion blog. Sure, this blog isn't a moneymaker and it's not intended for money or fame, I do this simply because it makes me happy and fashion is my love. Do I get hate? Yes. Am I judged? You better believe it. But I'm still here, and I will be here until I turn into dust from too much suntanning. I love you all, and if ANY of you are having a problem or need to talk, please comment on here or message me on Tumblr (the link is on your left). Thanks for listening, I hope I have helped. I LOVE YOU!

flannel- vintage
tank- DYI 
jeans- Urban Outfitters
boots- Dr. Martens
choker- vintage
bracelets- vintage

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