Quilted Up


Hello! Finals are approaching faster than I would like to acknowledge, so my sporadic posting will continue for a while. I wore this yesterday, it was freezing! I got this sweater at Urban Outfitters and I absolutely love the quilted detail. It went well with my black jeans and Docs for a comfy outfit that kept me going through the day.
     Oh, big news: I'M ON MY SCHOOL'S YEARBOOK! I found out yesterday that I was accepted! I'm so so so so excited and happy!!!!

sweater-Urban Outfitters
jeans- Urban Outfitters
boots- Doc Martens

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  1. Great twisted x shoes! Apparently it is easier to find women's workboots online, but you lose the chance to try them on, and I think the road test is vital to new footwear. Glad you could find some! :)


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