Smarty Pants


Happy Tuesday! The weirdest thing happened on Sunday which kept me from posting... I spilled water on my laptop! I was freaking out because it wouldn't turn on but I took the battery out and put it in rice (thanks Google!) and when I plugged it back in it worked! So let this be a lesson to you: KEEP YOUR WATER AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER! 
     It was very hot and VERY windy today so I didn't want to make a huge trip for this shoot. I wore my really comfortable pants because the material is so light so they're perfect for a hot day! Then I wore my aunt's old necklace, don't some of the beads look like cherry tomatoes? I thought it went nicely with my tribal vibe so I put it on along with my Steve Madden sandals!

pants- thrifted
tank- Target
sandals- Steve Madden
bracelet- vintage
necklace- vintage

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