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Hello grungies! I'm back to my alley photo spots! As you probably all know I am obsessed with flannels and oversized button downs, so this post is dedicated to showing you the three easiest ways to wear them! 

#1: tie a knot! This looks cute with a skirt or high waisted pants/shorts and you can make it as loose or tight          as you want!
#2: Leave it normal! I always do this because it's so comfortable and loose and it just takes seconds to put         on. This looks best with boyfriend or super skinny jeans!
#3: Wear it as outerwear! I probably do this the most; I just throw on an unbuttoned flannel over a solid or         band shirt! It's perfect with practically any skirt or jeans and it makes an easy outfit in hot weather!

In other news, this ridiculous wind continues and it was hard to take good pictures... I love this topknot though, the fringe was fun to play with!

button down- vintage
tank- Old Navy
jeans- Urban Outfitters
boots- Dr. Martens
necklace- vintage

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