Hello there! Today I was very busy so I wanted to dress simply but still look put together. It's been a while since I wore my cat flats (that's a very old picture!) so I wore them with my leather skirt and plain white v-neck. If you don't own a white v-neck you need to go out and buy one NOW because they are really the best basic item you can have. I bought this one from Urban Outfitters because they were having a sale but you can buy one anywhere! I grabbed my little pastel pink bag from Express because it matches with the pink accents of the shoes. For accessories I wore my favorite bracelets and my Fearless necklace to help get me through the day! 
     Is it just me or do these pictures look too busy? I thought this would be a nice spot to take pictures but I'm definitely going back to my alley photo-spots in the future!  

shirt- Urban Outfitters
skirt- Urban Outfitters
flats- Urban Outfitters
bag- Express
bracelets- Vintage
necklace- Hot Topic I just noticed how much Urban Outfitters I'm wearing!

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