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Welcome to the new era of my blog! I've decided to kick this up a notch and really work harder to make a better looking and more informative blog. First of all, I changed my name! Our new name is Grunge&Glam, but the URL is still the same. I'm also going to get some better locations for my shoots. Starting with this picnic table!
     I actually dressed girly today! No leather, no flannels, no menswear, no Doc Martens. Are you proud?!?
Well it was a little windy so I wore my strapless dress from Urban Outfitters, and my Mossimo sweater. I think Target is a great place to buy basics like t-shirts or these sweaters, because they're inepensive and last a long time. I also wore my Steve Madden wedges, they are so comfortable!
dress- Urban Outfitters
sweater- Target
wedges- Steve Madden
necklace- Urban Outfitters

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