The Old Man Is Snoring


I'm back! I've been really busy this week with school and the CAHSEE's so I haven't been dressing very extraordinarily lately, sorry! It was actually raining today, full-on raining not just sprinkling so I put on as many layers as I could, including my rain-proof American Rag jacket with a built in hood! Normally built in hoods are dorky-looking on a jacket but I love mine. If you're about to judge me for the bad quality of these pictures just keep in mind that I was standing in the rain, and the lighting is not fantastic and my poses are not on point. Sorry.
P.S: New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow!
jacket- American Rag
cardigan- H&M
t shirt- Urban Outfitters
jeans- H&M
scarf- H&M
boots- Steve Madden

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