Come As You Are


Well the weather is acting up again so I had to make a cold weather outfit at the last minute! I haven't worn these sandals in such a long time, it felt like summer... And I layered three of my favorite necklaces, layering necklaces is my new obsession for some reason. It's hard because most of mine are the same length, but my new necklace from Urban Outfitters is perfect because it's so low!
Oh, I'm getting my braces off on April 1st!!!!!!!!! I wanted to get them off before my birthday but oh well, I just have to wait four days (:
sweater- American Eagle
jeans- Urban Outfitters
sandals- Steve Madden
necklace (top)- Amazon
necklace (middle)- Popkiller
necklace (bottom)- Urban Outfitters

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