Happy December!


ok, ok, I know this isn't the most detailed post. Sorry. Most of this weekend was spent sitting in bed in sweatpants working on a major book report about the Black Death. Eventually my dad lured me out of my school-coma by offering a trip to Amoeba Records, a.k.a. my favorite place in the universe. It was raining out so I put these layers on and I took a quick picture while looking for ARTPOP. I put my second-day hair into pigtail fishtail braids (is that a thing?) and wore my Abercrombie grey tank, H&M blue cardigan (it has elbow patches that you can't see- I'll post a full picture of the cardi soon), Aeropostale leather jacket, and Forever 21 camera necklace. So now I'm back in LA... still doing homework.

tank- Abercrombie
cardigan- H&M
leather jacket- Aeropostale
necklace- F21

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