Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving! Have you eaten a lot? Remember, calories don't count today ;) Well I'm in San Francisco with my dad for the long weekend and it was COLD today, so I wore this! It's my vintage army jacket, a grey sweater from Target, my Charlotte Russe beanie, Pacsun jeans, and my lovely Steve Madden boots that you're probably tired of hearing about... Well I hope you all had an amazing day with the people you love, more San Francisco ootd's coming up!
P.S: I look completely derpy in the first picture because it was SO WINDY and my hair kept flying in my face, hence the disheveled beanie and jacket. Don't judge.
jacket- vintage (Crossroads)
sweater- Target
beanie- Charlotte Russe
jeans- Pacsun
boots- Steve Madden

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