12.26.2018 San Francisco, CA, USA

You may have noticed a drastic drop-off in activity from me lately, not just here on the blog but throughout social media as well. I know I owe you an explanation.
Honestly, the past few months have been some of the hardest of my adult life.
My mental health has reached lows that I never even knew existed. This decline has been catalyzed by certain people, things, and most of all, change.
Turns out, moving 3,000 miles alone to a city in which you know zero people is not as Disney-channel-original-movie as it seems. The stress of moving, on top of acclimating to a completely new (and incredibly intimidating) school, only seemed to amplify any minor hiccup in my mental health.
In the last few months, my heart shattered in more ways than one. My homework load increased tenfold. I said yes to one too many opportunities out of excitement (or naivety) as the semester began, and soon found myself unable to give 100% to any of them. I unironically bought Sketchers. I lost an immeasurable amount of confidence in myself as a writer, creative, and human being. My free time was held hostage by so many rotating commitments, any creative battery I had left at the end of the day was spent deciding what to eat for dinner.
But I'm slowly starting to realize, as I do near the tail-end of all my midlife crises, that this rapid-fire series of emotional blows has not been leading me towards a fiery destruction.
No, this is a rebirth.
This post is one of those things that only seemed to get harder as time passed-with every deleted draft over the last month, I've gotten closer to just throwing my MacBook out the window and going off-grid once and for all.
But here we are. We're ripping off the band-aid together.
This is messy, raw, unkempt evolution. And, as always, I'm endlessly grateful to you for being a part of it.
I can't wait to see where this takes us. 


9.18.2018 New York, NY, USA

Vintage Michael Kors blouse, Vintage skirt, Chinese Laundry platform sandals, ALDO necklaces, Mejuri earrings
Our current leopard print moment has me extremely in my feelings. 
On one hand, I'm elated that my favorite print is now readily available in every swanky boutique and Instagram inspo page I come across. 
On the other hand, I'm...possessive?
Maybe it's because I spent weeks scouring the dark corners of Amazon for my OG leopard coat, which I'm pretty sure was meant to be worn as a Halloween costume, and now a higher quality lookalike is two clicks away at Reformation. Maybe it's because I endured countless double-takes (not the outfit-envy kind, but the are-you-really-wearing-a-fur-coat-in-August-in-California kind) as my furry friend and I were still getting our sea legs.
Maybe it's because, deep down, I am ~that~ person. I'm possessive. I tend to be picky with the trends I participate in (hi, tiny unpractical sunglasses!), but I've found myself smack dab in the center of one and I'm selfishly holding on to my leopard print for dear life. Am I that desperate to remain elusive?
Maybe I'm just terrified of the day this trend decides to leave us, and I'm once again the freak wearing a leopard fur coat at Trader Joe's on a Tuesday afternoon. 


9.13.2018 New York, NY, USA

Vintage tee, Old Navy jeans, Urban Outfitters bandana, Zara flats, Mejuri hoops
Just a girl in her favorite color combination, soaking up the sun (read: humidity) and plotting her next smoothie bowl. 
White jeans, once a complete and utter taboo in my book, have been my lifeline through these sweaty few weeks. These babies are just high waisted and straight legged enough to fit in with my denim collection, and just lightweight enough to keep me cool while sprinting between classes. 
I've been flirting with the western trend for quite some time now, as bandanas have always been my just-trying-to-get-out-the-door accessory. It took me several tries and a good 40 minutes of Youtube, but I finally somewhat accomplished tying my bandanas into more of a choker than a scarf. Some studded flats amped my new bandana-choker up a notch, and brought some much needed bookends of black in this all too colorful outfit. 
Any white-denim aficionados out there, feel free to leave tips/style inspo in the comments or through Instagram! There's only so many graphic tee combos I can churn out without feeling a little excessive. 


9.07.2018 New York, NY, USA

Vintage dress, Vintage top, Vintage Dr. Martens oxfords, Forever 21 socks, Mejuri earrings
What do you do when you're determined to get the Fall vibes goin', but you're suffocating in 90 degrees and 80% humidity?
You thrift yourself a boxy corduroy minidress, and wear it over and over and over until your friends start asking questions. That's what you do.
I can't believe I found this little number stuffed away in a Salvation Army rack, considering the dozens of Urban Outfitters/Topshop lookalikes that have been popping up on my Insta feed lately. The layering possibilities are endless, and I'm taking full advantage before this heat kills my creativity altogether. Whether it's a turtleneck, bikini top, or good old graphic tee, this dress has gotten to know my wardrobe (and Instagram) quite well and has no intention of shying away.

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